Our Philosophy

At TITAN DIVERS we stand for high quality sidemount and advanced dive training, as well as adventurous and safe tec diving and exploration. With students and other divers asking for the same dive gear we are using, it was the logical conclusion that we offer these premium dive products to demanding divers in the UAE – with TITAN DIVE SHOP.

We are selling and recommending dive gear brands which we love and use ourselves. Since many years we built up relationships with these brands and the people who developed these awesome products. We sell brands we trust and believe in! That’s our brand promise.

XDEEPSEALAmmoniteShearwaterXS ScubaHighlandParalenzDIVEVOLKDIRZONEMolecularSUEXLift

TITAN DIVERS is the authorized premium dealer for XDEEP in the UAE, also known as XDEEP UAE based in Ras Al Khaimah. If you are a dive center / instructor / retail store and want to resell XDEEP products within UAE or Oman please drop an email to info@xdeepuae.com. We are also authorized dealer / distributor / reseller for SEAL Drysuits, Ammonite System, Shearwater, XS Scuba, Highland, Paralenz, DIVEVOLK, DIRZONE, Molecular and Lift Foils.

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