NX Backplate + Harness

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Comfort and Stability for Your Back

The XDEEP NX Backplate and Harness offers unparalleled comfort, stability, and protection for your back. Choose between a standard single-loop harness or a deluxe version with quick-release clips and shoulder pads for added convenience.

Ergonomic Design

XDEEP has revolutionized the classic backplate design, originally inspired by makeshift solutions like old road signs, with a focus on proper ergonomics and anatomy. The redesigned backplate ensures better weight distribution, reducing strain on the lumbar region. The enlarged upper section enhances weight distribution during dives, while the lower plate spreads the load comfortably, facilitating the optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories.

Easy to Don and Doff

The innovative design of the XDEEP NX Backplate makes it significantly easier to put on and take off. With the harness unfastened, the shoulder straps extend 20% longer than traditional harnesses, providing more room for those with restricted shoulder movement. Tightening the waist strap buckle pulls the shoulder straps snugly, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for adjustments between wetsuits and drysuits. This system holds your scuba unit closer to your body, offering superior stability throughout your dive.