Special Orders

We aim to maintain a robust stock of high-demand items, however, certain products such as tailor-made SEAL drysuits, custom or colored BCDs, steel backplates from XDEEP, and Ammonite System batteries and umbilical light sets may not be readily available due to various reasons. However, you can still get your hands on these premium items! Here's how to place special orders for these products:


For XDEEP custom colored BCDs with optional embroidery, please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Visit XDEEP TUNEUP, where you can personalize the colors of various parts of the sets and even add your own name for embroidery. Ensure to select "United Arab Emirates" as your country.
  1. Once you've finalized your design, a unique code will be provided in a PDF. Sign and send this to orders@titandiveshop.com. (Bear in mind, an additional 10% import cost will be added to the price mentioned in the PDF and EUR exchange sell price rate of our UAE corporate bank applies.)
  1. We will send you an invoice with payment instructions and after the payment is done, the factory will start producing your unique custom set.
  1. Production takes up to 6 weeks, and we will notify you once your order is received. (For those who can't wait, there's an express option for an extra charge, expediting production to around 3 weeks.) Add an addition week for shipping.

Start designing your unique BCD with XDEEP TUNEUP now!


We may not stock colored sets and steel backplates regularly, but we can order them for you directly from the factory at no additional charge. Simply email us at orders@titandiveshop.com with your desired products, complete the advance payment, and receive your items within approximately 6 weeks. An express option is available for an additional AED 50, reducing the wait time to roughly 3 weeks.


All SEAL drysuits are made-to-measure, meaning they will be perfectly tailor-made to your size and fitted with the options for your requirements. To order tailor-made drysuits from SEAL, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SEAL Configurator where you can personalize your gear options and input your measurements according to the given instructions. Make sure to select "United Arab Emirates" as your country.
  2. After finalizing, a unique code will be provided in a PDF. Sign and send this to orders@titandiveshop.com. (Remember, an additional 10% import cost will be added to the price in the PDF.)
  3. Once you receive an invoice with payment instructions, the SEAL factory will start creating your custom drysuit upon payment confirmation.
  4. Current production time is around 6 weeks, and we'll contact you once we've received your order.

    Create your perfect fit with the SEAL Configurator now!


    Due to the short shelf-life of lithium-ion batteries in hot climates, we stock only a limited quantity. If your desired battery or umbilical set is unavailable, email us at orders@titandiveshop.com and we'll ensure you receive your items straight from the factory within a few weeks. 


    Custom-made and special order items are non-refundable. Full payment is required in advance for these orders. As an authorized dealer/distributor/reseller, TITAN DIVE SHOP upholds the items under the manufacturer's warranty but cannot guarantee fit and function as it relates to your usage. Please be certain of your order before proceeding!