XDEEP ZEOS DCE - Dive Center Edition

Get a Top Quality BCD for Your Dive Center for AED 1,150*

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A wing set-up is widely acknowledged as the optimum professional solution for dive centres who want their divers to be more than just a tick in the agency's box. It helps with the diver’s trim, buoyancy and propulsion, the fundamentals of diving. Now you can provide the professional solution with XDEEP’s renowned quality, at an even better price as the old school style rental BCDs.



Your Brand will be embroidered free of charge on the ZEOS DCE wing. Not only does this enhance the professional look and feel, but it is a clear message to everyone at the pool or dive site of the high standards you uphold. Marketing made easy. 


Quick and easy to get a perfect fit on 99% of all your divers or to change from pool wetsuit to open water drysuit use in under 20 seconds!
  • Quick release buckles on the shoulder straps
  • NX Series Single tank adapter - quick tank changes and very secure.
  • Crotch strap length adjusted with the front buckle

  • Save time, increase diver and instructor happiness, save money.  

    One size fits all

    Traditional dive school BCDs need to be kept in different sizes and often the very small or the very tall will struggle with a perfect fit. Often this means you keeping more rental stock and more investment being locked away and not being used in other important areas of the business. The ZEOS DCE will in one size fit every diver and student that comes through your door. You can keep your rental stock smaller, up to date and maximise its use.


    You will find the ZEOS BCD, as with other European made XDEEP products, is hard-wearing and of superb quality. When it needs servicing or parts, unlike traditional BCDs it is modular; all parts - harnesses, wings and backplates can all be changed quickly and at a much lower cost than replacing a whole jacket.

    Please contact us for a detailed quotation at orders@titandiveshop.com or call us +971501088493

    * The final purchase price will be updated to reflect the current EUR exchange rate, inclusive of shipping, import taxes, and VAT.