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21700 Li-Ion Battery

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  • The 21700 Li-Ion battery is equipped with a very convenient charging system that uses the built-in USB-C port.
  • The battery doesn't come with a USB cable and can be charged with chargers dedicated to standard 21700 Li-Ion batteries.
  • The battery has a built-in bi-color LED in the positive pole of the battery. It informs the user about the current charging status (red indicates the charging process / blue means that the battery is fully charged).
  • Due to the built-in PCM, the battery is protected against overcharging, over-discharge, and short-circuit.
  • Used in the LED Stingray Mark II the battery provides long runtime (about 2 hours) and is characterized by a long lifespan (up to 500 charging cycles with up to 75% capacity) as well as a high level of safety.
  • Please notice that despite the same name, other manufacturers' 21700 Li-ion batteries might differ in diameter and length and as a result won't be compatible with LED Stingray Mark II. To ensure performance and reliability we recommend using Ammonite System marked batteries.