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Goodman Handle for Umbilical Light

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Goodman Handle Standard

Goodman Handle Standard suits all Ammonite System umbilical headlights. It is made of high-quality anodised aluminium and lightweight but very tough and resistant to environmental conditions polymer (Delrin®). To increase the comfort of use and improve the headlight's stability, the crossbar has been additionally widened in the middle part. The Goodman Handle Standard handle facilitates a good hand position for a steady use of the umbilical light.
The light can be easily attached, and the size of the Goodman Handle regulated with two stainless steel screws (the hex key included).

Goodman Handle Soft

Goodman Handle Soft is Ammonite System original solution which has fastly become approved by many divers. Both male and female divers appreciate its flexibility and ease of configuration. Fastening of umbilical light in the handle is easy and doesn't require any additional tools.  You adjust the size of the loop simply by tying a knot
Goodman Handle Soft is covered by AMMOPOWER -extended three years warranty Goodman handle soft consists of three elements. The body is machined from a solid piece of Delrin®, an exceptionally rigid and durable construction thermoplastic, and two flexible bunds (bungee rubber). One of which is used to fix the light and other keeps whole firmly on hand. Due to flexible bungee rubber, the grip is adjusting to the shape of the user's hand and leave them free for operation!

Goodman Handle Modular

Use your Modular Goodman as you like – with just a torch or with a torch & a scooter loop. Change it whenever you want. Easy assembly takes seconds. Not sure if you need a scooter loop? Buy the basic set and you can upgrade it with a scooter loop later. Forget about Allen keys or a screwdriver– all you need are your fingers. You can assemble your torch kit very quickly. You can adjust the grip underwater.
If you want to disassemble your lamp head & Goodman after dive, make it so - no tools required. All parts combined and secured with one screw going through the whole construction.