5th Port Upgrade Kit for XTX DST 1st Stage Regulator

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The Apeks 5th Port Upgrade Kit enhances your Apeks XTX DST 1st stage regulator by adding an additional low-pressure 3/8-24 UNF port to the top, aligning with the standard size for LP ports. This upgrade is exclusively designed for the Apeks XTX DST model with a swivel turret 1st stage and will not fit any other models or brands. Although the kit comes with comprehensive installation instructions, it's recommended to have the upgrade carried out by a technician who is trained in servicing Apeks products for optimal safety and functionality.

It's important to note that the kit does not include a plug for the new low-pressure port, under the presumption that an LP hose will be connected to it immediately. If you find yourself needing to reconfigure the hoses after installing the 5th port, caution is advised. You must use a 15 mm or adjustable open-end wrench to securely hold the turret retaining bolt in place while removing or adjusting the port plug or LP hose. This precaution is vital, especially if the plug or hose was initially installed with excessive torque. Failing to secure the turret retaining bolt during this process may result in its loosening, potentially compromising the regulator's integrity.