DIN 1st Stage Regulator Cap

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  • Authentic Apeks replacement cap, specifically designed for the Apeks XTX series DIN (also known as G 5/8) 1st stage regulators.
  • Crafted to securely seal with the DIN connector, this cap effectively prevents moisture entry and safeguards the connector threads.
  • Comes with an additional oxygen-compatible, small DIN O-ring (size 111) for enhanced sealing.
  • Both the cap and the included spare O-ring feature a sleek black color, maintaining a uniform and professional appearance.

This durable dust cap is engineered for Apeks DIN regulators, offering a precise fit to emulate the sealing surface of a DIN valve. When attached to the DIN fitting, it prevents debris and moisture from compromising the DIN orifice and threads of your regulator. The cap ingeniously incorporates storage for the provided spare oxygen-compatible O-ring, ensuring readiness for replacements. The size #111 O-ring is specifically chosen for its compatibility with the slightly narrower o-ring groove found in Apeks, Atomic, and Scubapro brand DIN connectors.

For optimal maintenance of your regulator, it is advised to rinse it under pressurized conditions with fresh water, allowing this cap to form a secure seal with the regulator's DIN inlet o-ring. This practice is ideal for a gentle rinse of the regulator. However, it is recommended to avoid completely submerging an unpressurized regulator, including its second stages, in water. This can potentially allow water ingress through the second stages, leading to moisture migration into the 1st stage via the hoses if not promptly addressed.