O-Ring for DIN 1st Stage Regulator

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  • Authentic Apeks-branded O-ring designed specifically for use with Apeks DIN (also known as G 5/8) connectors. Might also work with other regulators (check sizes).
  • Carries the Apeks individual part number AP1166, as detailed in their service kit.
  • Made from EPDM elastomer, conforming to ISO BS3601-111 size specifications, equivalent to SAE AS568-111.

This particular O-ring size is optimized for the slightly narrower grooves found on Apeks brand DIN connectors, ensuring a precise and secure fit. Manufactured from black-colored EPDM elastomer and rated at an 80-durometer hardness, these O-rings meet the ISO BS 3601 imperial standard 111 size (equivalent to SAE AS568-111), providing reliable sealing performance. Genuine Apeks BS-111 size O-rings are provided in a paper envelope, intended specifically for use with Nitrox Ready and Oxygen 1st stages from Apeks.

Additionally, we offer a high-quality generic alternative in a brown-colored Viton material with a 90-durometer hardness. This harder variant offers improved wear resistance presenting a cost-effective option without compromising on quality.

1 x O-Ring