LIFT4 eFoil (2024)

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To order this product reach out to us at or call/WhatsApp +971501088493.

With the LIFT4, we’ve taken every piece of the eFoil experience and perfected it to the Lift Foils standard.
Fast Charging - 30 minutes to 80% charge on the Gen4 Light Battery, 50 minutes on the Gen4 Full Range Battery, to keep you out on the water
Carbon Fiber Latches - New ergonomic shape & precision tensioning to automatically regulate hatch pressure, making it easier to open and close in all conditions.
Updated Hand Controller - Precise throttle and power control, upgraded for ruggedness and extreme-use scenarios, plus new safety features
Battery Ergonomics - A new rugged, lab-tested housing, featuring an ergonomic handle and new rubber feet

The eFoil is equipped with an advanced lithium-ion battery allowing for up to 2.5 hours of riding with our Full Range Battery, or 100 minutes with our Gen4 Light Battery.

The eFoil wings control your ride. With the LIFT4 we've launched our smoothest eFoil wings to date with our Camber Pro series, available in small, medium and large.

The LIFT4 introduces our Quiet Ride Technology-- an advanced motor controller that cuts any previous eFoil vibrations or sounds in half. Riders listen to nature, not their equipment.

Maximize your LIFT4 experience with the LCS Fixed and Folding Propeller Kits, featuring an innovative click-and-lock mechanism for easy interchanging of your eFoil propeller, shroud, or folding propeller, without the needs for tools.

Designed to perform and provide stability at higher speeds, giving eFoil riders a greater feeling of control. Available in 160 for lighter riders who want a sporty feel, 210 for an overall amazing feel, and 270 for a gentle surfy ride at reduced speeds.

Lift eFoils are built in highly refined steel tools used to forge carbon fiber parts at extreme temperatures and heat, providing a unique marbled carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than other eFoils. 

Please be informed that we do not keep Lift products in our regular inventory. To order, get in touch with us at +971501088493 or We'll assist you with our expert advice on the ideal configuration for you, and provide you with a quote and an estimated delivery timeline.