TITAN Custom - Apeks DST XTX50 Doubles Regulator Set

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The Apeks DST XTX50 Doubles Regulator Set merges the DST's high-flow capabilities with the XTX50's adjustable performance, tailored for technical diving with doubles. Its swivel turret and pneumatically balanced design ensure optimal hose routing and effortless breathing under demanding conditions. Engineered for reliability, its environmental seal safeguards against freezing, making it an essential choice for divers exploring deep wrecks or cave systems, where precision and durability are paramount.

Apeks DST XTX50 Doubles Regulator Set includes:

  • 2 x Apeks DST 1st Stage Regulators with 5th Port
  • 2 x Apeks XTX50 2nd Stage Regulators
  • 1 x Miflex Rubber LP Hose, 210 cm
  • 1 x Miflex Rubber LP Hose, 56 cm
  • 1 x Miflex Rubber HP Hose, 60 cm
  • 1 x Highland Thin-Line SPG, BAR
  • 2 x Bolt Snaps (Long Hose & SPG)
  • 1 x Bungee Necklace for Backup Regulator
  • 1 x Apeks Regulator Bag

Want to change hoses, hose lengths or SPG? Contact us at +971501088493 or orders@titandiveshop.com to customize your regulator set exactly to your requirements.

Please be aware that each custom set is fully assembled upon order, and we require up to 3 days to complete the assembly process.

Apeks DST 1st Stage with 5th Port

The Apeks DST 1st Stage Regulator with 5th Port has all the features of Apeks DST 1st stage. The only difference is that a 5th medium pressure port has been added on top of the rotating turret, making it ideal for any side-slung setup from stage bottles to CCR bailout and plain sidemount.

This end-port of the Apeks DST 1st Stage Regulator with 5th Port allows any length dry suit or wing LP hose attachment and direct routing to the kit - leaving the other four medium ports for other hoses.

  • Environmentally sealed
  • Dry sealed balanced swivel turret 1st stage
  • 5 MP ports mounted on a swivel turret
  • 2 HP ports on the body
  • Finished in highly polished chrome

Apeks XTX50 2nd Stage

The classic and popular Apeks XTX50 2nd Stage Regulator with a breathing effort adjustment for precise control of breathing effort.

XTX50’s 2nd stage can be converted from a right-handed hose configuration, as supplied, to a left-handed one. This feature is known as the Reversible Venturi System. Changing the regulator to a left-handed configuration is quick and simple and can be performed by any Apeks Authorised Service Technician.

The XTX50 2nd Stage incorporates the feature of Diver Changeable Exhausts system. This system allows the diver to change from a small exhaust tee to a large one. This gives the user a choice of the wider exhaust tee for minimal bubble interference, essential for underwater photography, or the narrow exhaust tee for a smaller compact and comfortable set-up.

The Apeks XTX50 2nd stage incorporates a two-shot high-strength composite front cover, improving the durability of the most vulnerable part of the demand valve.

The ergonomic Venturi lever of the Apeks XTX50 2nd Stage has been designed to reduce the amount of grit ingress.

A silicone exhaust valve has been used on the Apeks XTX50 2nd Stage, improving breathing performance.

  • Adjustable breathing adjustment control
  • Integrated venturi control
  • Pneumatically balanced valve design
  • Micro Adjuster
  • Suitable for cold water use
  • Right or Left hand hose configuration
  • Two shot plastic front cover
  • Changeable Exhaust Tees